How Did I End Up A Musician?

As I was entering adulthood I remember wondering where all the revolutionary flower children of the 60's had gone. Then I realized that we are those flower children and it's up to us to make the change. There is power in music and healing in transformation.

I feel deeply. My heart has been broken a quadrillion times. I use my creativity as a healing mechanism. To work through chaotic things. I have always sought to better myself amidst an environment of ill will and hostility to transform my predisposition into inspiration. I see the power of story and telling it through music. Musically I can play guitar, bass, keys, didgeridoo, whistle like the dickens, and percussion. I speak for a community of people looking to better the world by bettering themselves.

So many people just do their jobs and get on with their lives. Me? I have no job, only a living. I live for my work. I "work" every waking moment… even in dreamtime. Even when I know there will be no monetary gain. My work is music and community.

For twenty years I’ve strived to be something great. To be something better. Morning, noon, and night. Often feeling like I’ve failed. There are those who see me as shamefully idealistic, including myself sometimes. I’m always striving to be great and then made to feel ashamed for trying to be myself.

“Babylon”, throughout history is a place where humankind has built a world on foundational shortcomings. Whereas Zion, as an idea, is a place where all people can become our highest selves, our best. A place where we feel and express our divinity for ourselves and each other.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be actively engaged in the ascension of evolutionary consciousness through expression of my creative gifts and sharing the abundance of Love and Energy I have been Blessed with.

We've got to burn Babylon down

We've got to burn Babylon down

Free yourself from doubt, Rise up and shout

We've got to burn Babylon down

Zion is calling me

Zion is calling me

Aum Mother, Ya Father

Zion is calling me

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Positive Vibrations,

Stanton West (I & I)

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