Change Your Mind

Perception is Reality. What people see and believe is more important than what is actually happening.

Many People believe that I have the perfect life and I admit that from the outside it looks pretty great. It’s partly my fault for the misconception. For one, in social media I post mostly good events, people, and experiences. This is not because there is a lack of bad things, but the choice to only share good things in my life has had unintended repercussions: The person I am online is a ghost of who I really am.

This is a consequence of my conscious choice in life, and my songwriting, to transmute tragic events and emotions into art/music/writing/poetry as an avenue to process things and move through them in a positive way. Focusing on a positive mindset in bad situations can often be misinterpreted as having a great life because having a great life isn't about what you have, it's about what you believe. Beliefs are just thoughts you just keep thinking. If your thoughts don't serve you, think something else!

I don’t have the perfect life. I do have the power over my mind in all situations. In fact, the only thing I have complete control over is my mind. Be weary of your opinions and habits. They are knee-jerk reactions resulting from a life of being shaped and programmed by our parents expectations, societal norms and customs, the media, and millions of other outside influences. But they are only that, influences from the outside. Outside pressure that is misshaping you. A true individual looks inside themselves and searches (or knows) what will align with their inner being. If you don’t go within, you will go without!

Be objective. There is no Good or Bad. There is only what is. It is up to you to decide how to react to it. Who is that reactive being? Is it the primitive “fight or flight” creature trying survive? Is it the emotional part of you making rash decisions? Is it the intellectual part of you trying to make sense of everything and putting it in it’s place? Or can you react to life from a place of compassion, empathy, and with the big picture in mind? Don't let your need for short term satisfaction get in the way of long term aspirations!

I feel deeply. I often despair at living in a world where the majority of it’s evolved inhabitants are quite primitive. I define primitive as a mindset where a being cares more about self preservation and gluttony than others suffering, doing what is right, world hunger, abuse, social injustice, and living harmoniously on the planet we live on. I despair living in a disgruntled society where hardened souls see art as futile, unimportant, and a waste of time, resources, and money.

It’s time to see the world how it should be instead of seeing it how it is. It’s time to perceive a better world. A better world means better people. People at their best. When a person is at their best they are most able to help others.

Here is my challenge to the reader: Make the world a better place by making a commitment to bettering yourself. It starts with you and continues with everyone. Be the Change you want to see in the world! Practice random acts of kindness! Change your perception of your world, stop thinking selfishly, and take action!

The divine in me recognizes the divine in you. Understand that the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same person. In nature biodiversity fosters a healthy environment. The same goes for humankind. Put the kind back into humankind! Get involved with something bigger than yourself. To paraphrase, "Don't ask what humanity can do for you, ask what you can do for humanity." In every moment of every day.

How do we perceive the world? How can we better empathize with each other. Humanity is Trying! I assure you that when you become the person you want to be, you will be inspired to help the rest of humanity do the same. Until then, If you don’t like what you see… This is my plea.

CHANGE YOUR MIND. Assert your free will! When you do, someone else will too, and we will build momentum, until we collectively reach a critical mass where there are more compassionate people in the world than greedy, small-handed, war mongering, fear-driven monsters. It is better to be in favor of Peace than to be against war.

Thanks for being human and reading these random thoughts. I wish you fulfillment in everything you do. Be Good, Feel Good, Stanton West


Have you evert played the Glad Game? Its easy! Anytime you find yourself in a negative situation find something to be glad about to focus on. You have the power of the mind and it is your greatest gift. For inspiration watch the movie Pollyanna and enjoy an artistic interpretation of how the power of good intent in one person can spread through a community.


Here are some helpful tips to build community:

Turn off your TV. Leave your house. Know your neighbors, Look up when you are walking; Greet people; Sit on your stoop; Plant flowers; Use your library; Play together; Buy from local merchants; Share what you have; Help a lost dog; Take children to the park; Garden together; Support neighborhood schools; Fix it even if you didn't break it; Have potlucks; Honor elders; Pick up litter; Read stories aloud; Dance in the street; Talk to the mail carrier; Listen to the birds; Put up a swing; Help carry something heavy; Barter for your goods; Start a tradition; Ask a question; Hire young people for odd jobs; Organize a block party; Bake extra and share; Ask for help when you need it; Open your shades; Sing together; Share your skills; Take back the night; Turn up the music; Turn down the music; Listen before you react to anger; Mediate a conflict; Seek to understand; Learn from new and uncomfortable angles; Know that no one is silent although many are not heard. Work to change

ppps- Quicken your progress by unplugging your phones/tv/the NEWS/computers and interact with real people doing good things. I believe in you. You have the power.


My 3 favorite books I suggest on the subject:

-Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

-The Law of Attraction (3 part series) by Esther (Abraham) Hicks

-Conversations with God Books 1, 2, 3

"Worry is misuse of the imagination" -Audrey Woodhall

"Worrying is praying for something bad to happen"

"Don't worry about a thing" -Bob Marley

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