The Cosmic Carousel Ride

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys & Girls. Step right up! Feast your eyes on the most amazing site this hemisphere has ever seen! It's Extraordinary. Mesmerizing, Tantalizing! A Wonder of the Modern World! Introducing the new Music Video for Spiders in the Window by Stanton West. Filmed at House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin by Stanton West and his daughter, Calliope. There just happens to be a Calliope at House on the Rock. A Calliope is an organ that has a series of whistles sounded by steam flowing through them. They are often found on Sternwheeler boats paddling along the Mississippi.

The Carousel, Wooden Horses Eternally Gliding in Circles: The never ending circle, the carousel ride, alluring with the promise of happiness. Alas, no matter how many material things you gain you will cannot attain happiness. Remove the veil, jump off the ride or you will always be left wanting more. Look within.

The video tells the story of a young sailor who is asked to go on a dangerous expedition by a man in the high court who is in love with the sailors wife. The sailors ship is swallowed up by a monster. Inside the belly of a whale (the carousel) he sits until he escapes with the help of a frog girl and a band of wild horses.

SPIDERS IN THE WINDOW There was a 3-ring circus on the outskirts of town There were devils, and lions, and foxes all around Down in the hollow there stood an old cabin There lived a white-feathered heron with the temper of a dragon He smoked his hooch from bones made of a rabbit That rabbit gave him trouble now that rabbits gone and had it There were spiders in the windows in that cabin down the hill Where I aged 100 years and barely lived at all The horses ran away they were all made of wood I ran with them though I swore I never would Cause when you want it so bad you can't be happy without it when you get it you don't want it you don't even care about it Now I'm long gone but those spiders haven't left There's songbirds in their webs and birds don't fly when they're dead Would you take heaven on Earth if you walked through hell to get it? The fire that melts butter melts steel and then bends it I was down and out so I'm heading up and in The place I'm going don't believe in sin I've never been a hunter though I often like to gather I don't like the sight of blood or the smell of a battle.

Spiders in the Window written by Stanton West. Arranged by Stanton West and Joe Craven. Filmed on my iPhone at House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Created on iMovie. John R Burr: Keys, Jonathan Stoyanoff: Bass, Joe Craven: Mandolin and Percussion, Stanton West: Guitar & Flute.

SPIDERS IN THE WINDOW (BLOWN OFF COURSE) is a song with a lot of tension and turmoil. It is in a minor key. After I left the corporate cubicle world I tried out organic farming. I quickly learned that being a farmer and being a musician are about as opposite lifestyle as you can get. A farmer is tied to land. A musician roams. The two lifestyles were incompatible. I wrote this song on the last day that I lived in the house I thought I would live in for the rest of my life when I bought it. The whole time I live there a spider lived in the window. It somehow lived in there through all those cold Wisconsin winters. Again, what I thought I wanted was not actually what I wanted and I had to learn the hard way. “When you want it so bad that you can’t be happy without it, then you get it, you don’t want it, you don’t even care about it”.

This Song is one of 11 that make up a concept album called Songbird. Each song is a chapter in a story of an injured birds migration as it flees the nest, has many adventures amidst friends and foes, and returns home to the next transformed.

Music Video! WATCH HERE

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