Do You Believe in Magic?

Do you? I do, and it is my hope that if you don’t you will someday soon. I have given away over 1,000 acorns to friends and strangers. Why? because I want them to believe in magic! Many times belief and perspective are more powerful than reality.

I first started collecting acorns because I saw them on the ground and I liked them. I liked them because they represent something bigger and unknown . If is life unseen. It is the oak tree waiting to be an oak tree. I started picking them up off the ground and soon I had buckets full. I had way too many so I started to give them away. Giving away something for no reason spreads good energy.

Once I started handing out acorns I learned that after a short while the seed will detach from the cap. So I made up a story: Place your intention (wish) into the acorn and put it in your pocket. When the acorn pops it’s top the magic has been released and good things will come your way! I collected so many acorns that they all dried up and popped their tops before I had a chance to give them away. So instead of glueing the nuts back, I glued a marble I found rolling around back into the cap. A new magic acorn was born! I have also used crystals, felted wool, stones, jingle bells, LEGOS, fimo, wood, clay, beads, and anything else that would fit into that little cap.

Last year was a bad acorn year in Wisconsin. For some reason the oak trees, or magic acorn trees as I like to call them, were not producing a seed. This shortage got me thinking about how else to create more magic acorns. I commissioned Forever Grateful Glassworks to hand blow an acorn pendant and a new magick acorn was born! There are less than 100 of these currently in exhistence. (See top photo)

People don’t become firefighters because they like being close to fire. They do it because it gives them purpose and a sense of pride in helping people. I write songs for a bigger purpose too. One, it gives me a way to express my ideas. Two, it helps me process things going on in my life. And three, I write songs to show love or appreciation for someone or something. The same analogy goes for acorns. I give them away because it feels good to receive a gift and gifts are magical. Believe.

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