Help Songbird Take Flight!

The first time I saw Joe Craven perform was with the David Grisman Quintet in 1996 at the Overture Center in Madison, WI. Joe played an instrumental part in all of the albums David Grisman and Jerry Garcia put out on Grisman’s label, Acoustic Disc. I've listened to all of them at least a hundred times!

10 years later I invited him to perform at a festival I was coordinating called Feel Good Festival. We hit it off right away. I thought I was going to be starstruck, but Joe was so real, sincere, and down to earth, and we became friends quickly. He even phoned 2 weeks after the festival to ask how my wife was doing after giving birth to our first child.

Another 10 years went by and I called Joe up again. This time to tell him about my new concept album I had written about birds and migration. He told me about his voice camp and workshops he leads that were inspired by birdsong. It was an obvious choice to have him be the producer of the album. We both have a love for percussion instruments and grooves from around the world, we are both multi-instrumentalists, we both are music festival ambassadors, we both teach workshops on creativity, and of course we both have a fashion sense that is way ahead of our time!

After 20 years touring & performing under the guise Eddie Danger, I will be taking on my most ambitious creative project yet. I'm heading to California on May 10th to record my new album, Songbird, with Joe at Foxtail Studios.

Songbird is a autobiographical tale and concept album that follows the journey of an injured bird who flees the nest, travels far and wide amidst friends and foes, and returns home transformed. It is my story. It is all of our story. It is the search for who we are and what we will become. Seeking truth & our place in a world that is not always friendly or welcoming to strangers.

I will be performing 2 more shows this weekend in Minneapolis and Fargo as Eddie Danger. From there on I will be known as Stanton West. Stanton was my grandfathers name and my middle name. This is a metaphorical REBIRTH! The Eddie Danger egg is hatching and Stanton West is born!

Help Songbird Take Flight!

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