I was born unto rules that were not chosen by me - Now I choose to create my own

I have a nephew who loves to play super hero. His super hero name is “Never Gives Up The Fight”. When we play together my super hero name is “Always Gives Up Early”. Of course I’m only joking around, but there is some sad truth to my self-given super loser name. When things get hard I usually give up and blame it on the universe. There is power in words and in a name. That is why it's called "spelling". It casts a spell. It puts energy into verbal motion.

I think it is telling that my nickname is “Eddy”. Eddy’s are places where water, air, or energy flow backwards on itself from the main flow of current. Eddy’s are strong and things get stuck in them. Swirling around as everything else flows by. It’s dizzying and can be frustrating. It can also be crazy and fun.

In a passage from Walden, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”

I am amidst a test of faith. I now know what I am here to do. So I’m going for it. Today I am picking a new super hero name.

Today I will start writing a new story. It goes like this...

We find our hero drinking the antidote to the poison he has swallowed. Uncovering the curtain. Seeing the world for what it is. Escaping the mind prison. He was defeated until Miraculously, there was a swift change of events and he gained the upper hand. Once again, as fate would have it, he was gifted a remarkable twist of events and endured in the final hour, hailing victorious. A new story is written!

What you thought was me was just a shell. I am the bird inside, hatched. All you thought was true was most certainly a lie. Many lies. Told so many times that almost no one knows who they really are anymore. Are we just eggs in cartons or are we sitting comfortably under a warm broody hen?

I am in search of my flock. They are a people who have a fountain of enthusiasm for something. They create new opportunities to make it great. Over and over again until they succeed. It’s about failing and self deprecating yourself until you get it right and having the faith that it eventually will. My tribe honor kindness over greed. They respect the earth we live on. They believe that Love can save the world. They take risks to better themselves and therefore affect others well-being. "To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts" -from Walden

The scale is tipping. The stagnant people of the old ways are dying. They are making way for an indigo generation of conscious thinkers, be-ers, and doers. Slowly and steadily. The world is becoming a better place. These days know truth and are auspicious. They are running like molasses so delicious. Go be your highest self! Give the world new wealth. Start it from a seed unto fruition!

I’ve seen the path the whole time. I've been avoiding it because it means meandering set rules that didn't make sense to me. So I say, "rules that don't apply." I’ve been swirling around in this eddy long enough! I’m gonna ferry into the main channel and flow on down to bigger and better things. I’ve lept off plenty of bridges and the water has always kept me from harm. The river knows the route. All rivers end up in the ocean. The Great Stanton Ocean. Blue and vast. “Some where in the winter of your soul resides an eternal sunshine” - Albert Kamus

My daughter, Calliope, and I play this fantasy game. In this imaginary world, I am Rowan and she is Alexis. Each time we play we get to pick what our super powers are. Sometimes I pick being able to control dragon flies or to be able to dance my evil opponent into submission. I also have a super-disability. I 'm water blind. That's right, I can't see water. Think about how that would change your world. Calliope always picks the same super power, "I can do anything". That pretty much covers it all. Whatever she wants is hers. No Rules. If she wants it, she can have it. Come and get it.

Sun Burns The Fog Away

Like a lost kid, we are all orphans.

We are all alone. The friends we’ve made. The people we know. The things we do… all fleeting.

When the haze sets in and the fog hovers like a blanket. Fly free. Closer to the sun. Warmer, funner, Lover, Laughter.

Even in the infinince of water there is a fixed amount. Dynamic are the tides of energy and so comes my opportunity. For all I ever wished to be. The lamp counts 1, 2, 3. Love & Poetry. The next step: Evolutionarily, for me…

Love Large, fear Free.

Like an oak tree. Like an oak seed. Generations yet to be.

I am ready. I deserve thee. Don’t refuse me.

I am the highest me, worthy.

Not just to do, but to be. To be me, unconditionally.

I am the man I’m meant to be.

Strong, forthright, energetic, alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic, proud, inspiring, loving, accepting, successful, traveling, giving, sharing, serving, well being, healthy, happy, grateful, wealthy, energetic, sympathetic, creative, and feeling good.

I Am making a positive influence on evolutionary consciousness. I Am actively engaged in the fruition of my creative purpose now.

Thanks for Reading.

Living in the

EnVIROQUAntum Vortex

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