Eddie Danger is about to release a debut folk album under his grandfather's name, Stanton West, to be produced by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia's percussionist, Joe Craven at Foxtail Studios in California.

Eddie Danger has been part of the Wisconsin music scene for almost 20 years. He was the creator behind the Feel Good Music & Arts Festival, Renewsical: A Musical About Renewable Energy, The Seafaring Musical Marionette Puppet Show, bluegrass band Dangergrass, and the Wisconsin Roots Music Cooperative. There isn’t a venue or stage in Wisconsin he hasn’t played. If you haven’t heard of him perhaps you were wandering a music festival and he randomly stopped you to give you a magic acorn (a real acorn top with a glass marble for the nut). There is even a chance you were at a wedding he officiated, or you sang along with him at a kids’ show or a farmers’ market. He is a spreader of fun and music. And now he has a new project.

After making a name for himself in the folk scene appearing in a film with A Prairie Home Companion’s Garrison Keillor, being a regular on WPR’s Simply Folk, and winning multiple songwriters’ contests throughout the state, Danger decided to go folk’in all the way. Danger is releasing a new folk album under his grandfather’s name, Stanton West, that will be released this summer. The album is being recorded at Foxtail Studios in California and produced by his musical hero, Joe Craven. Craven is most known for his work as the percussion player for David Grisman and Jerry Garcia’s five acoustic albums released under Grisman’s record label Acoustic Disc.

Stanton/Danger has spent the last 10 years balancing his music career with being a home-schooling stay-at-home dad and a part-time organic farmer. Now that both of his kids are ready to attend school, he is presented with the opportunity to focus on his music career entirely. He refers to the whole idea as, “Being Who I Am, Going Pro, & Providing for my Family. I Love being a creative person and I Love my family. This is an effort to do them both a service.” It’s a big step, and he is taking it enthusiastically.

Danger is taking action by exemplifying his sentiments of, "To thrive in this world you must decide what you Love to do and figure out a way to make it happen." He sees this as his time to step it up and record in professional studio with one of his musical heroes producing the project. His first eleven albums were self-funded and recorded in home-studios. Stanton has also been working with an artist manager out of Nashville. She has been helping him with the preproduction of the album. She feels confident that she can get the songs on to national folk radio charts.

The new songs are groove-driven, folk tunes about feeling good, being who you are, and staying present in the moment. Like all of his past projects, it promotes family fun, environmental stewardship, building community, healthy local food, live & local music, creative expression, and being a positive (yet practical) force in the world.

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