Eating My Insides Like a God Damned Cancer

In the words of my extremely wise wife. "Sometimes you set a course in life and head down it with eager anticipation. Sometimes life has other plans and you have to change course. Sometimes gradually. Sometimes suddenly. Always figure it out. All ways. Ever forward. Never straight. Onward!"

I'm on the mend physically & emotionally. Thanks for all the good healing thoughts. Big Love to my team Maria Rose, Ryan Haney, & Angie Lemar. The Kickstarter is postponed until further notice so I can focus on healing.

I caught the melanoma early and expect a full recovery. If you have suspicious things on your skin make sure you get them checked out.

I don't know a single person who's life has not been affected by Cancer in some way. I myself, had half my forearm skin removed yesterday due to malignant melanoma. As the surgeon was operating he nonchalantly says, "by the way you will need to cancel any shows you have scheduled for the next week". This means I won't be performing at Charity Jamboree. Ironically, the all day music event raises money for the Carbone Cancer Center!

I was going to keep this information private, but a conversation I had with Tim Lochner, who helps put this event on, changed my mind. I'm not sure why I feel the need to hide my cancer from the rest of the world. I guess it's because if I admit to others that I have cancer it becomes real.

Even though I will be unable to perform you can bet that I will still be there showing my support. We all need each other now more than ever! Please join me, The People Brothers Band, and a slew of Wisconsin's most talented and generous musicians this Saturday in Madison in support of a cure for all those who have been affected, now including myself.

In Harmony,


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