Stanton West is an award-winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, playwright, puppeteer, and world traveling troubadour from Wisconsin.  

Stanton West's new studio album, Songbird,  is produced by David Grisman & Jerry Garcia's long-time percussionist Joe Craven 


Each song on the album is a chapter in an autobiographical tale of an injured bird who flees the nest, has many adventures amidst friends and foes, and comes home transformed.  


"This album inspires and reminds us of what is truly important, to follow our dreams, to be fearless when we're afraid, and to bring out the best in others."

He is frequently featured on the National Public Radio show Simply Folk.  In 2015 he co-starred in a film about jug band music with Garrison Keillor from A Prairie Home Companion & Charlie Parr.  

Stanton host's a video blog of Songwriter Interviews where he asks professional songwriters to share their secrets to writing compelling songs. 

Watch an Interview HERE.


He is an educator as well as a musician and is a firm believer that songwriting is a skill than everyone has and can be worked like a muscle to become stronger.  

Watch Stanton's Free Online Songwriting Masterclass HERE.   

He has bicycled from Canada to Mexico, worked for multiple organic farms, has lived in 3 different tree houses, and is an avid birder.  He collects umbrellas, old suitcases, acorns, and loves narwhals.   

         "Stanton has the playful nature of a modern day minstrel"

               -Ocooch Mountain Music


          "The New Roger Miller" - WKPO Radio

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